Cricket Tips

Cricket tips

How to Bat in Cricket

1. Grip the cricket bat properly.

If you’re right-handed, place your left hand on top of the handle towards the toe (the rounded tip of the cricket bat) with the right hand under it; left-handers place their hands the opposite way.

2. Assume the proper stance.

If you’re right-handed, stand sideways within the crease (the “safe” area in front of the wicket) with your left shoulder towards the bowler (who “pitches” the ball); left-handed batters. Unfold your feet about 12 inches (30.5 cm) apart and bend your knees slightly with your weight distributed evenly on both legs. Rest the toe of the bat on the bottom behind your feet near the wicket; your top hand will rest on the inside of the thigh nearest the bowler. Shift your weight to your back foot for extended pitches. Shifting your weight away from the bowler permits you to adjust to a ball that bounces higher off of the pitch and takes longer to reach you. Shift your weight to the foot closest to the bowler for a full pitch (one that bounces close to you). Move to fulfill the ball. Try to hit the ball before it spins. If the bowler is bowling spin, you’ll advance forward and hit the ball before it spins. you can play a front foot shot for a spin bowler; this gives you the advantage of a full-toss delivery and the probability to face the ball before it bounces and spins.