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Tajammul Azam Choudhry provides expertise on legal matters with in-depth, legal and business focused advice and solutions. He is responsible for analyzing and identifying matters while also overseeing all criminal ,corporate and civil matters, including dealing and maintaining relationships with clients.. He is M.A, LLB, LLM, LLC AND CHRM, He carries with him more than 16 years’ experience. Previously, he has served as a Consultant and Legal Adviser for multinational companies.

He is an Advocate High Court and active member of the following:

Member of Sindh Bar Council since 2002
Member of Karachi Bar Association since 2002
Member of High Court Bar Association since 2004
Member of Human Rights Commission Of Pakistan
Member of the Law society of Pakistan
Member of Umbrella Welfare Organization
Member of amnesty international
Member of international bar Association
Member of Justice Lawyers Front
Member of Peace Club of Pakistan
Member of Industrial Relations Lawyers Association
Member of Corporate and Banking Lawyers Association

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